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Herod’s Theater in Caesarea

Panoramic view of Herod’s Theater

I was moved to tears as we enjoyed singing hymns together and heard from proud King Agrippa at Herod’s Theater in Caesarea by the Sea. It was easy to picture why many of the Roman leaders chose this location by the Mediterranean Sea with its lovely weather and gentle breezes.

Chuck Swindoll brought the Apostle Paul’s defense before Felix and Festus here to life in a stirring way.

Gretchen Stevens
Blue Bus 6

Caesarea by the Sea and Megiddo

Reg Grant portraying King Agrippa
Steps at Megiddo

Yesterday was Caesarea by the Sea and Meggido. In Caesarea “King Agrippa” reminded us to never, ever take the glory meant for God. And from the hill of Megiddo we could see where the final battle on this earth will be fought. His promises are true and His warnings must be headed. Two important things to I want always to remember.

Cathy Carl
Sky Blue Bus 12